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Проектная документация в строительстве 1.0

Каждый инженер сможет дать определение термину проектирование. Это целенаправленная деятельность последовательных процедур ведущих к достижению эффективных инженерных решений. Некоторые люди думают, что инженерное дело это что-то из области «фантастики», а в технических ВУЗах среди студентов употребляются забавные поговорки про предметы Сопромат, ТММ и ДМ. Но это далеко не так, и даже самые сложные вещи можно разбить на простые составляющие. Поэтому совместно с Павлом Ефимовым и Ильей Конышевым сделали цикл презентаций […]

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Publications #7 – «Drilling tool Bogomolov» — Mining tool for boreholes with square cross-section «Boring tool of Bogomolov»

Currently, at open mining more than 80 percents from the volume of rock mass are developed by drilling and blasting operations (DBO), which predetermine of the effectiveness of all subsequent processes for extraction and processing of minerals. In large open-cast mines DBO costs are up to 25-30 percents from the total cost of production and it’s expected to increase with the deepening of mining operations. At the current time there […]

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Publications #6 – «Drilling tool Bogomolov» — Investment proposal «Drilling tool Bogomolov»

The subject area of the project Branch — mechanical engineering; It specializes in the manufacture of drill bits for quarry machines rotary drilling; The ultimate consumer of the finished product — mining enterprises of the coal industry, leading mining by open way. Technical solution and product «Drilling tool Bogomolov» is a kind of drilling tools designed for mining rotary drilling machines to obtain the blast hole of square cross-section. Product […]

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Publications #5 – «Drilling tool Bogomolov» — Resource-saving drilling tools appliance for noncircular cross-section wells forming

The main method of preparation to rock extraction is the blasthole drilling. Specific consumption of explosives and drilling rigs increase in productivity according to drilled rocks. Nowadays almost all blastholes at the open casts are drilled in cylindrical form. We suggest changing the form of the well – provide drilling with square cross-section. Why for such goals the square wells usage is suggested? The wells with noncircular cross-section are meant […]

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Publications #4 – «Drilling tool Bogomolov» — Appliance and development of drilling tools with noncircular cross-section

At the Kuzbas current graphic log the average stripping ratio is 5,8 m3/ton, which means that for 1 ton of coal production almost 6 m3 of overburden rock has to be removed into the disposal area and, moreover, it has to be shattered before excavator loading. The main method of overburden rock destruction is blasthole drilling. Specific dust generation during blasting is changing from 0,04 kg to 0,154 kg of […]

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Publications #3 – «Drilling tool Bogomolov» — Drilling tool for stress-raiser well drilling

Dominating method of rock destruction at open-cast mining is explosive rupture, which has an explosion efficiency coefficient not exceeding several percents. This is almost the only existing method of destroying large volumes of rocks, blasting occupies up to 30 % of mineral resources production costs. Taking into consideration that shattering explosion efficiency coefficient doesn’t exceed a few percents, then development of applied blasting technologies (considering development of blasting science and […]

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Publications #2 – «Drilling tool Bogomolov» — Preconditions for creating and using a tool for blastholes forming at the open cast mining

Drilling and blasting operations are among main and essential processes of surface mining. Nowadays there exist many different methods of effective blast rock fragmentation improvement and moreover there are conducted researches on its development. The main goal of such researches is to decrease the explosive ratio, which provides reduction in expenses on blasting materials, as well as reduction in expenses on drilling, environmental pollution, seismic effect on the nearby environment. […]

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