Investment proposal «Drilling tool Bogomolov»

The subject area of the project:

Branch — mechanical engineering;

It specializes in the manufacture of drill bits for quarry machines rotary drilling;

The ultimate consumer of the finished product — mining enterprises of the coal industry, leading mining by open way.

Technical solution and product:

«Drilling tool Bogomolov» is a kind of drilling tools designed for mining rotary drilling machines to obtain the blast hole of square cross-section.

Product line:

— Cutting roller bit for the fortress of rocks 6-9 on a scale Protodyakonov M.M.;

— Tricone rock bits for strength of rock 9-16 on the scale Protodyakonov M.M.;

— Dvohsotrichchya dilators for the fortress of rocks 9-16 on the scale Protodyakonov M.M.

Technical efficiency «Drilling tool Bogomolov»:

— Increasing the volume of blasted rock mass by 10%;

— Increase the yield of rock mass per one meter of the well 10%;

— Increase the size of the well grid by 10%;

— Reduction of consumption of explosives in blasting operations at 10%;

— Reduction in drilling volumes by 10%.

Economic efficiency «Drilling tool Bogomolov»:

— Decrease monthly costs for explosives by 10%;

— Reduce the cost of drilling and blasting operations at 7%;

— Annual economic effect when operating one drilling rig is $138345,86.

Intellectual property protection:

Registered 8 intellectual property. In the further implementation of the project on all technical developments will be decorated patents for utility models and inventions.

Marketing project:

The research carried out on the basis of which identified the following patterns of the market production in useful minerals by open method:

— 55% of coal in the world is extracted in the open way;

— 4325,6 million tons of coal were mined in the world in an open way in 2012;

— 251,8 million tonnes of coal was extracted in the open way on the territory of the Russian Federation in 2014;

— 60 thousand bits manufactured in the territory of the Russian Federation, mainly for the domestic market;

— $481 the average cost of a serial bit (size 215,9 mm);

— $962 average cost of «Drilling tools Bogomolov»;

— $0,03 billion of the total market volume serial drilling tool on the territory of the Russian Federation;

— $0,5 billion estimated the global market for serial drilling tool.

Changes in coal production is projected is not expected. Consequently level of sales of drilling tools will remain at the current level.

Implementation plan:

The project is divided into the following stages:

Stage #1 — completed:

— Theoretical and laboratory evaluation of the effectiveness;

— Development of design documentation tool.

Stage #2 — 12 months:

— Production of pilot batch «Drilling tool Bogomolov»;

— A series of industrial tests;

— Completion of the construction.

Stage #3 — 12 months:

— Development of small-series production of the drilling tool;

— Development of an expanded product line.

Stage #4 — 12 months:

— Mastering of serial production «Drilling tool Bogomolov».

Business model:

The project is possible with the creation of the «Technical innovation of engineering and cents».

The average number of staff your organization will be 7 employees.

Team to implement the project fully formed.

Monetization of the project:

1. Engineering services.

2. Licensing of manufacturers developed intellectual property.

Economic indicators:

For realization of the project requires investment of funds in the amount $1178710. Distribution of investment according to the project stages are shown in table 1.

Table 1. Investment plan ($)


The revenue of the project is generated through licensing of manufacturers of drilling tools and engineering services. The planned volume of receipt of funds by years are presented in table 2.

Table 2.

Sales plan


Table 3 summarizes the main technical and economic indicators of the project.

Table 3.

The main technical and economic indicators of the project


When the financial model of interest rates on tax deductions taken under the Tax code of the Russian Federation.

The results of the project:

With the introduction of industrial production «Drilling tool Bogomolov» will be received the following results:

— Mining companies will be innovative tool that will reduce from the absence of support for mineral extraction;

— The manufacturers will get the finished product that will have a steady demand.


Igor Golovin


«Drilling tool Bogomolov»


Инвестиционное предложение «Буровой инструмент Богомолова»

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